About Me

Vinika is an entrepreneur by brain and UX designer by heart. Having done her Bachelors and Masters in Technology, she started her journey initially with Technical Writing where the concept of customer experience, usability were introduced. Connecting this experience with UX, design, and development as Operations Manager, Design research and implementing the system architecture via designs, became the stronger skills. She had the opportunities to work on various businesses and design the required UI interface for both web and mobile based projects. Apart from this, Vinika uses her time in making strategies and processes within the organization for the 100% productivity outcomes and non-conflicting environment.

Vinikawinks is all about her learning’s and experiences on paper (The Writings) and convincing the businesses about a huge side to design, which must not be ignored. Few case studies are explained to support the idea behind the vinikawinks.

In general, Vinika is an art and nature lover and, loves to do photography. After all, its all about focusing on details. Vinika creates her quality time by creating the drawings, paintings and traveling.